Commission Process

1. Complete Form

Through this form you get to share your vision, what subject you’d like painted, the dimensions, budget, framing options and schedule. This step sets clear goals for the remainder of the process.
2. Subject Selection

We’ll establish a painting subject through a process of reference sharing and feedback. In this stage we’ll agree on the details before we begin.
3. Deposit

I’ll send an invoice for a 50% deposit. This secures your work in my schedule, allowing me to get started and cover material purchases.
4. Progress Updates

As I work I’ll share progress updates with you, keeping you informed and giving you insight into the process.
5. Final Review

Once I’ve completed the work, I’ll share a high quality image with you. If you’re happy I’ll send the final invoice and arrange delivery.  
6. Delivery

I’ll arrange an art courier service or suitable transport to get your artwork to you safely and its yours forever. 
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